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Company Info

Domain Assets is an international company specializing in the acquisition and sales of Premium Domain Names and Digital IP Assets. We work with large Enterprise level accounts, small and medium size corporations, start-ups, entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors from Silicon Valley to around the globe.

Domain Assets Specialties: 

  • Stealth domain and Intellectual Property (IP) acquisitions.
  • Sales and Marketing high profile Ultra-premium domain names.
  • Sales of Digital IP Assets,Websites properties, APPs, TM’s, and Social handles.
  • Custom Appraisals of Domain Names, Websites, and Digital Assets. 
  • Assisting in Branding initiatives and the domain name/ brand name selection process.
  • Financing and equity options.

The company is founded by domain assets experts who since 1997 have specialized in the Acquisition and Brokerage of top-level generic domains and digital assets and helped start the first domain name aftermarket brokerage business on the internet.

Domain Assets team has helped with the acquisition and sales negotiations of many of todays leading brands. This list includes many high profile brands like Ash.com, Eve.com, Scores.com, Slots.com, Dating.com, Data.com, Empire.com, Social.com, KK.com, Answer.com, IQ.com, Interlink.com, Avalan.com, plus numerous domain name portfolios, website properties, and other IP properties. Domain Assets has been involved with numerous key acquisitions and sales of domains and digital assets since its inception. With over 10 years of experience, The company is run by some of the most well-known and respected people within the domain name industry.

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